Mandi Howell

Hero Games Chairman

Mandi played an integral role in the first Hero Games event in 2013 and has since taken charge of the 2014 campaign. After the life-changing experience of attending her first wheelchair distribution trip to El Salvador following the 2013 … Read More

Greg Bond

Greg is a long-time volunteer and contributor to the Hero Games. His unwavering passion has led him to step up as a staff member to ensure the success of the 2014 Hero Games. … Read More

Glen Mather

Throughout the history of his company, NuView IRA, Glen has always had a special place in his heart for the work of the Wheelchair Foundation. While the foundation remains the company's go-to charity, Glen knew there was more he could do to … Read More

Alex Behrend

Alex offers a unique perspective as she brings her experience as a field director for the Central Florida Boy Scouts to the Hero Games. With her background, Alex is proving to be a perfect fit to help organize and deploy Hero Games … Read More